a referral code system / invite only system

Posted 2. May 2020

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wich would you want/seem more viable ?
Referral system
Invite system
Hey, i'm starting up a board for a small niche community,
and because we'd like to limit the people who can join to people that are actually known in the community it would be nice to have some kind of referral system.

either so we can generate some codes to hand out to community members we personally know so they can give them to the people they know and those would be required to enter a valid code to register and then invalidating that code for further use.

Or a invite system like you see on some private torrent platforms that gives people in a certain user class a amount of invites they can send out.

would either of these be possible to implement without too much hassle ?
(as my current makeshift solution is adding 2 fields to the register page to enter names of hte people that refer them, and then manually contacting those)
Posted 24. May 2020

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Thank you for the suggestion. This feature is in Version 2, so we will not be adding it to Version 1.x. At this time, I have no update to when version 2.x will be released.
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